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What to bring on you fishing Charter

Coming prepared for either a half day or a full 8 to 10 hour trip on the water requires the same checklist. The most important item on the list is the saltwater fishing license with the salmon conservation sticker. Without a license, your charter will become a wildlife tour which can be enjoyable and you will return home with fantastic photographs, but empty coolers. Licenses can be purchased online at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans website or at most outdoor recreation retailers. Secondly, bring clothing for all weather conditions and expect rain at some point during the trip. The west coast weather can provide every condition imaginable during a day of fishing so dressing in layers is the best method. Pack all the food and beverages you might need for the trip and then pack some extras, as a full day out on the water can build a massive appetite and cause dehydration. Bring some coolers to carry your fish home in at the end of the day as throwing them in the back seat of your vehicle is not advisable. Finally, pack your camera to capture those amazing fishing moments with Swell Time.

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