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Summer Fishing Season - Port Renfrew, BC

May - Port Renfrew Summer Fishing Charter

Great Halibut Fishing Port Renfrew

Swell Time Charters kicks off the spring/summer season in Port Renfrew in May. The boat is primed and ready for the big season ahead. The fishing always starts with a bang with tremendous Halibut fishing. Halibut limits are typically met with a few massive fish nearing 100 lbs finding their way into the boat. The spring salmon start showing up with mixed runs providing different varieties of fish being caught. Coho are still small and are typically not ready for the net. The springs feast on the massive schools of bait that also show up along the west coast providing lots of food for the fish as well as the birds. Spring time is when everything awakens from the dark cold winter for the sunny abundant season ahead. The fish are plentiful, the wildlife is everywhere and the weather starts warming up. Its fishing season in Port Renfrew and everyone is smiling. Charters start filling quickly so if you have not booked your Swell Time you better do it in the Month of May before you miss out.

June - Port Renfrew Summer Fishing Charter

Big June Halibut Port Renfrew

In the month of June, the fishing out of Port Renfrew heats up quickly. Off shore Halibut fishing is excellent with limits consistently being met with some very large fish being landed. June is the best month for Halibut fishing and tired arms are the only complaint from reeling up the massive beasts through 200 ft of water. The spring salmon arrive along the coast in waves being found at all depths off shore and along the beaches. These early summer springs are usually between 15 and 25 lbs with a few big ones over 30 lbs being landed too. These early springs are a blast to catch as they easy to bring in, but still put up a good fight.

July - Port Renfrew Summer Fishing Charter

Beautiful July  Salmon Port Renfrew

The great halibut fishing continues into the month of July, but the fishing for spring and coho kicks into overdrive, especially off shore. Salmon start flooding the coast line heading towards the river mouths and up the Strait of Juan de Fuca for further destinations. Coho become so plentiful at shallow depths that it becomes challenging to get the gear deep enough to catch some springs. Some days itÂ’s double headers all day long and the constant fishing is at times comical, but so exciting. The bigger springs start showing up with weights consistently in the 30 lb range with 40 lb fishing making it into the boat. Its summer time, the weather starts warming up and the fishing is the best.

August - Port Renfrew Summer Fishing Charter

Beautiful August Chinook  Salmon Port Renfrew

Also known as big fish month, August is when the largest mature spring salmon are hooked. These huge fish also known as Chinook or King Salmon are the trophies fishermen love to catch. These fish are typically caught near shore in shallow water so the coastal forest backdrop makes for great videos and photographs. Some of these fish can take out so much line so quickly it feels like you have hooked a whale. The fishing offshore is still over the top with the swarms of coho snapping up everything in sight. This is when surface fishing and bucktailing on lighter gear and fly rods is a popular option for something different. Springs are still found offshore as well with ever size imaginable being landed. August is the most popular month for charters so book early to ensure a trophy fishing experience that will be an experience of a lifetime.

September - Port Renfrew Summer Fishing Charter

Beautiful September Coho Salmon Port Renfrew

The salmon fishing continues to be exciting for both spring and coho through the month of September. The weather is typically fantastic and the fish are plentiful. The coho have now packed on the pounds are full of fight. The coho fishing is so much fun with the fish jumping, flipping and spinning trying to escape. These fish are extremely fun to catch and lighter gear can make bring them to the boat very challenging, but much more rewarding. Springs are still caught along the beaches, but offshore fishing is still very consistent with all sizes being landed. The opportunities for halibut fishing are still great offshore so hitting limits for all fish is still the plan.

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